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Sumajin is an award winning design based company located in Singapore. We started as an industrial design service consultant in 2001. We have continued to explore the use of industrial design as a business advantage.

Introduced our sumajin product range in 2003 and has since lead to more of our designs
being retailed globally.
Majority of our creations are geared towards enhancing the interaction between technology gadgets & Lifestyle. Our aim is to expand sumajin brand into other product categories.

Started in Singapore

Launched in 2002; Sumajin is well known for the “smartwrap”; a design protected cable winder device recognized for innovative design idea; awarded a Distinction winner in Concept category and featured in ID Magazine annual review 2002 August issue.

Smartwrap was first retailed in Japan and Singapore through Apple online or retail store. Sumajin's products Smartwrap, FUNKY and Casing was later introduced to the online stores in Japan, S.Korea, Australia, Europe and USA.

Launched in 2005; Sumajin introduced several music accessories and protective casing which has a Utility patent for the MP3 and iPod market. With the launching of our laptop sleeves and bags in 2007.

In 2005 & 2006, Sumajin was selected to showcase as part of Singapore’s 20/20 effort to recognize talents that captures the emerging culture. It features the best design works done in Singapore and it demonstrates how Singapore designers have touched the lives of many people around the world. Singapore's 20/20 an event supported by DesignSingapore Council.

Launched in 2009; Continuing with our Flex champion series which began in 2004 with keychains and bookmarks. In the year 2009 has seen the introduction of our new venture into the field of TOYS/COMICS/GAMES.


Creating Design with others

We have find that working with other professionals from different industries help nurture the creative spirit. This interaction has also influence our outlook on design. We feel that design does not stand alone. For design to be successfully it has to interact with its living space.

We are pleased to have been involved in projects with the following brands:
Apple | Astralink | Accusys | Amplus | CET | Connex | Dova | Etymotic | Hewlett-Packard | Nokia | Scentline | Shinei international | Singa Plastic | Stikfas | TenGo | Tequila | Ternary


Value of Design

Industrial design > Branding > Retail. Good design values will help build a business. We saw returns of our investment through the many years in business. It’s our strong believe that the use design also set us apart from others.

Marcus Ting, an industrial designer / founder of sumajin pte ltd, has over 15 years of designing experience. He uses design to build the products and branding directions.
His work has won several awards and was featured in international magazines such as Blue Print, AXIS and ID magazine. He was awarded the winner of Design Distinction for his product "Smartwrap" (International Design magazine 2002). His projects are diverse in nature from servicing project brands such as Hewlett Packard, Singapore Technologies, SCJohnson, Razer, to name a few in the consumer electronics.

Having seen many brand owner succeed through the use of design. It inspires us to explore diverse products under our brand.


3D Technology

Using 3D CAID techology.
Sumajin ultilise 3D modelling software to create our products. Software such as Alias, Rhino 3D,
Z Brush are used to reduce product design cycle to market. Our push to exploration the use of 3D printing technology lead us to invest in 3D printers inhouse. This allows us to not only design but to test ideas inhouse quickly. Creating original design and producing them in small quantities is a great advantage.

Using 3D Printing Technology.
In 2014 selected productts is made by using 3D printing at our studio. We will take advantage of freedom of 3D printing technology to create products in limited quantity. Please enquire first reqarding the availability of the 3D printed creations from our Studio. As creating 3D printed things takes time to produce and will have its own characters associated with the process. Although it is made by 3D printer, no product is 100% identical.



Recognition / Awards

50 Years of Singapore Design. Sumajin is proud to be part of the permanent exhibition.
Year 2015-2017 : Exibition celebrating Fifty years of Singapore Design. In Celebration of SG50.


Year 2006 : Reddot design award for industrial design of the Copperhead mouse for Razer. www.Razerzone.com
Year 2002 : smartwrap ;cable winder device recognised for innovative design idea; awarded a Distinction winner in
Concept category. ID Magazine annual review 2002. August issue.
Year 2000 : IN 2000;CES INNOVATIONS 2000 Product : Pc Piper 900D1 Cordless phone Year 1999 Product
Go Vox Digital Voice Recorder Best Product of 1999,
BestTravel Accessory by Tap Magazine for Palm products.


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