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Cable manager for earphone created by sumajin

Sumajin is selected to be part of 50 Years of Singapore Design. Smartwrap is designed and created by Sumajin.
The permanent exhibition is held at the National Design Centre in Singapore from 2015 to 2017.

Cable manager for earphones.


"This is the most clever iNvention... it is light and it it will make your headphones last longer...it is sooooooooo cool....thats wassup!!! "

"They hang on the cord perfectly and the cord stays put. Plus, they're easy to use and lightweight so they don't try to pull your earbuds out. I like 'em! "

"-So lightweight they are hardly noticed when worn"

"Overall its a great buy. It will keep you cords in order and about the length that you want it but its not anywhere close to the invention of the wheel or anything.

But I will admit, I have not had to yank my headphones out of my purse since. "

"This product is essential for orderly use and storage of earphones. Very easy to use and attractive. Should be included with every set sold."

"purchased these with my iPod, and I can't imagine life without them! I bought an amazing pair of $50 Sony earphones that have a very long cord, and I can't imagine living without my Smartwraps! They are EXTREMELY cheap! I mean hey, if you are willing to spend money on a good pair of headphones, and you want your life to be simple, buy these! I LITERALLY have 3 ft of cord wrapped around my black Smartwrap, and it stays perfectly in place ALL THE TIME. I never take it off. Someone wrote about the cord becoming curly, and I just wanted to clear something up with everyone with a brain in their head-- when you wrap something around a solid frame in a circular direction, it becomes curly! IT DOES NOT HARM YOUR CORD IN ANY WAY, IT IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! Anyway, the bottom line is if you don't want the time consuming hassle with your headphone cord, BUY THIS AND YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!!! ;) "

"These are ajoy to have and I truly think that if you aren't trying to get "caught up" in the long string you should invest in these Smartwrap's. All the colors that are included go great with both black and white ipods. So consider getting these."

"As a college student this is perfect for walking to class! Keeps the cord where you want it, not in your way or tangled around your stuff. It is sooo light weight that you will not feel it at all. And, since i record lectures with the iTalk, i can take my headphones out of my ipod and put my iTalk in when I get to class, it is easy to wrap up the headphones and throw in your backback for later. Great Buy! "

"-Look much more appealing than 8 ft of dangling cord -Silicone is very soft and smooth, keeps cord very tight and secure -Neutral color choices go well with any cord"