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Sumajin is selected to be part of 50 Years of Singapore Design.
The permanent exhibition is held at the National Design Centre in Singapore from 2015 to 2017.

LEARN MORE Learn more soy candle handpoured

flip case- iPad Pro(12.9"model) Executive style , great for presentation. Created with 2 credit/ business card holder; front and back document slots.

This product has 2 angled slots for tavelcard/money storage.It is lanyard ready with grommet for secure carrying. Get organised with sumajin.

.soy candle
This @FLEX Candles has been handcrafted with the highest quality fragrance oil with a Soywax base and leadfree wick to produce a clean burn.

3d printing
duo stand for 2 iPhone 3D print sumajin mascot Learn more

3d printed creations
Sumajin 3D printed creations. Available for purchase from our online store.

.3d printed flex champion
Creating products by 3D printing inhouse is still a new approach for us. Image of the printed part compared to the original toy arm can be seen in the picture. The entire progress is documented on our facebook page

3d printed bedside lamp
Images showing design form studies made using 3d printing. Sumajin's plan is to bring production inhouse using 3d printing. Progress is documented on our facebook page

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